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Serving the Phoenix Metro Area


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3 AC Trends to Pay Attention to

Air conditioning trends have changed a lot in the past few decades. Ever since the invention of the window AC unit, manufacturers and contractors alike have used innovation as a way to stay ahead of the competition and make new and exciting pieces of technology. Soon, the invention of the central air conditioner changed the market forever. Later on we had the invention of the heat pump, ductless system, and things are only getting more innovative as time goes on.

All of these technological advancements signal one major thing—homeowners need to be aware of the trends in this industry. Things like energy efficiency and the cost of expensive AC repair in Chandler, AZ are two aspects of air conditioning that have changed dramatically since the turn of the century.

Let’s talk today about these AC trends and what they mean for your home comfort and your budget.

1. Energy Is Becoming More Expensive

Energy prices are on the rise and this trend is only going in one direction. While our energy grid is starting to shift towards more renewable or sustainable sources like hydroelectric power or wind and solar, a large portion of our energy grid comes from fossil fuels that are always going to be rising in cost.

Unfortunately, the burden of that cost gets put on you, the homeowner. The less energy you have to use to keep your home comfortable, the more you’re going to save in the future. No matter what happens in the world, that energy savings is only going to become more valuable over time. Try to invest in an air conditioner that has high energy efficiency ratings!

2. Maintenance Is Required

Maintenance is a service that’s required for an air conditioner to last well into the end of its lifespan. Back in the day, it might have been easier for maintenance to be done by homeowners or an amateur technician, but not anymore. Air conditioners are becoming more expensive and high-tech, which means they need adequate maintenance by professionals who are trained.

Maintenance can also help you by mitigating repairs before they occur, saving on your energy bill, and making your life a lot easier as you deal with other things. While maintenance might have been an option in previous decades, it’s an absolute necessity now.

3. Repairs Need to Be Done by Professionals

Does your air conditioner have a warranty? Great! Then there’s an even bigger reason to invest in professional repairs when the time comes. Warranties can be voided when you sign up for amateur fixes, and it’s important that your system gets the attention it deserves.

Otherwise, even if your system isn’t protected by a warranty, amateur AC service is often going to cost you more in the long run than professional repairs. Systems are becoming more complicated with more moving parts, meaning that technicians who fix them have to be skilled and trained in a variety of different fields.

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