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Serving the Phoenix Metro Area


Serving the Phoenix Metro Area


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How AC Maintenance Each Spring Makes Your Life Easier


Would you like to enjoy an air conditioner you can depend on? Would you prefer to schedule AC repair in Glendale, AZ as few times as possible? Silly questions, of course you would. And it’s not difficult to have these benefits—they’re a basic part of the set of advantages of having routine spring maintenance for your air conditioner. 

Or, we should say professional maintenance. There are several simple maintenance steps you can take to ensure you have an AC in great shape each year, but the majority of the work needs to be left to experienced professionals with the right training and tools.

What Spring AC Maintenance Is

It’s a tune-up for your home air conditioning system combined with a careful inspection. It’s not much different in theory than what you have done for your vehicle at routine intervals, although with a car you have maintenance after a certain mileage. With AC maintenance, it’s done once a year. Spring is the ideal time for the service, since it prepares the cooling system right before the major heat waves of the middle of the year strike. 

When you schedule maintenance with us, our technicians will come to your home and spend one to two hours performing a series of checks, cleanings, and adjustments on the AC. When we’re done, your air conditioner will be good to go for the hot Arizona summer ahead. 

How Life Becomes Easier Thanks to Maintenance

We can explain all the technical details of maintenance, but what you really need to know is how it’s beneficial for your household. Here are the ways maintenance eases your burdens:

  • Repairs will be few and far between: The majority of repairs any cooling system may require during its service life occur because of maintenance neglect. You can eliminate more than 50% of future repair troubles and cooling interruptions with regular AC service.
  • You’ll keep the equipment warranty valid: Missing maintenance may void the manufacturer’s warranty on your AC system, and that could leave you stuck paying for a repair that the warranty would otherwise have covered.
  • The AC won’t cost more to run than it should: When an air conditioner doesn’t have regular cleanings and adjustments to remove strain, it will consume more power to operate. Each year without maintenance, the situation will worsen, and you might pay 10% to even 25% more to operate your air conditioner. Maintenance keeps costs under control. 
  • You won’t need to make an early AC replacement: You can get about 15 years of service life from an AC if it’s maintained. Without, the system will likely fail years earlier.
  • You can relax about your AC’s performance: We think this is the best benefit of all. You can kick back in your home and not have to fear that your air conditioner will abruptly fail—because maintenance makes this highly unlikely.

Join the Thomas Loyalty Club

The Thomas Loyalty Club is our way of making maintenance as simple as possible for you while also rewarding you for choosing us as your HVAC experts. The TLC goes beyond standard maintenance—it’s a comprehensive home maintenance and home warranty program. Reach out to us today for more details. 

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