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Serving the Phoenix Metro Area


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A Refrigerant Leak Is a BIG Problem

Air conditioners can get a beating during our hot summers. Especially when temperatures reach record-breaking heights, there’s not much we can do aside from sitting at home and watch our systems run into problems.

Thankfully, with Thomas Home Services at your side, you’ve got access to some of the best professionals available. We can deal with any AC repair in Phoenix, AZ you can throw at us.

But you’re probably wondering if your air conditioner is even suffering from a problem at all. It’s a tricky situation. Homeowners don’t always know the clues that point towards there being a problem, especially when it’s a refrigerant leak. Don’t let your system get neglected. Follow along with our detailed guide on spotting a refrigerant leak and fixing it promptly. You can always call our team if you need answers or simply more information on the matter at hand!

How You Can Spot a Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks might seem like they’re impossible to recognize, but we promise you’ll be able to spot one if you read our guide. Simply put, there are some things that air conditioners do that usually point you in the right direction. If one of these points sound familiar, then either you’ve got a refrigerant leak or some other type of problem that needs professional help to be fixed.

The Infamous Bubbling and Hissing

Air conditioners are sometimes synonymous with the “bubbling” or “hissing” noise. While you might think they’re normal because of how often they’re portrayed in movies, television, or seen around the community, they’re really not. These sounds indicate your AC is suffering from a refrigerant leak, and here’s why.

Firstly, the hissing sound is obvious. Hissing represents the gaseous refrigerant from leaking out of the lines of your air conditioner. This one is pretty clear.

Secondly, the bubbling noise is a little more complicated. Bubbling represents the liquid form of refrigerant that’s condensed, as it’s being inundated with air from the leak. The air forms bubbles and that’s where you get the noise!

If your system is making this kind of noise, do yourself a favor and call our team to help.

Additional Signs of a Refrigerant Leak or Problem

Here are just a few more signs that your air conditioner is suffering from either a refrigerant leak or something else.

  • Poor comfort levels. If your home feels too warm, it could be from a struggling air conditioner with not enough refrigerant.
  • High bills. A system with less refrigerant than what’s needed will struggle to provide cooling power efficiently. This will lead to a steady rise in your energy bills.
  • Repairs and breakdowns. Cooling your home is hard without refrigerant. Your AC will likely struggle until it breaks down as a result.
  • Short-cycling. Short-cycling is a particular type of problem that occurs when a system is either oversized, leaking refrigerant, or suffering from a different issue. It’s described as your system running in short, frequent, cycles instead of the longer cycles you’re used to.

Do any of these points sound familiar? Then call our team today.

Thomas Home Services can help you when you need it. Call the World’s Friendliest Technicians!

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